Jet Set 19 - Drones

20 WAV or AIF files
314 megabytes
Soundminer Metadata Enabled
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Jet Set 19 - Drones delivers 20 fresh science fiction, horror and magical textures. Immerse yourself in spooky and stirring ambiences, subtle drones, and subsonic or soaring tones.

These royalty-free sound effects will add breadth and depth to your scenes. Use the drones to create fearsome atmospheres, evocative magical spell effects, or space ship ambiences. Over half an hour of WAV or AIF audio for just $15.

This product contains embedded metadata and is compatible with Soundminer asset management software.

See what files are in the Drone Jet Set:

Angelic Drone Liquid Drone Subsonic Drone
Resonant Drone Vast, Hollow Drone Cyber Drone
Soulless Drone Granular Drone Metallic Swells Drone
Stuttery Drone Subtle, Hollow Drone Revolving Drone
Musical Drone Radiating Drone Subconscious Drone
Eerie Drone Swarming Drone
Evolving, Shimmering Drone Metallic Drones with Hits Shimmering Eerie Drone

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