Jet Set 20 - Logo and Title Whooshes

Logo and Title Whooshes
40 AIF or WAV files
39 megabytes
Soundminer Metadata Enabled
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You made Jet Set 16 - Whooshes, Swipes, Swooshes & Fly-Ins one of our most popular packs. Thank you!

And then you asked for even more tools for your multimedia and broadcast projects. The Airborne Sound designers pulled out their samplers and went to work. The result is 40 previously unreleased logos, titles, whooshes, accents and hits.

You'll find materialzing stings, vanishing whooshes and power down effects for your movie logos. Also included are over two dozen title sweeps for your text fly-ins. We've included musical accents and stabs to suit every mood. An exceptional value at $25 for 40 top-quality royalty-free WAV or AIF files.

This product contains embedded metadata and is compatible with Soundminer asset management software.

See what files are in the Logo and Title Whooshes Jet Set:

Doppler Title Whoosh Firey Logo Whoosh Ringing Logo
Electric Logo Appear and Hit Cyber Logo Appear and Hit Logo
Spooky Logo Dark Descending Logo Appearing Logo
Growing Logo Whoosh Fluttering Logo Groaning Logo
Metallic Logo Energy Power Down Musical Logo
Haunting Logo
Underwater Whoosh Airy Whoosh Soft Swipe Whoosh
Metallic Whoosh Tinkling Whoosh Swirling Whoosh
Buzzing Whoosh Slushy Whoosh Robotic Whoosh
Fluttering Whoosh
Whoosh and Stab Hit
Crystal Accent Metallic Accent Amazement Accent
Transforming Accent Angelic Accent Rumbling Accent
Shivering Accent Reverent Accent Proud Accent
Shimmering Cyber Accent Ascending Hollow Whoosh Descending Forlorn Accent
Vocal Warble Accent

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