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'X-treme Whooshes vol.1' is the perfect sfx library for video editors, Flash designers, DJ's, directors, game developpers, Keynote and Powerpoint presentations.

686 individual effects that you can use to spice up your logo's, titels and leaders! Compatible with Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress, Flash MX, Adobe Premiere, Director, Media 100, Apple Keynote and Microsoft Powerpoint.

Play the demo and decide for yourself that this is probably the best Whooshes collection on the planet! Have fun and get whooshed!
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X-treme whooshes

License Information: Please print this page if you require a written license.

These sound effects are sold on a royalty free buyout basis, and include a lifetime synchronization license.
Synchronization is the editing or mixing of a purchased sound effect with your visuals, voice, or music tracks,
and this synchronization license gives you the right to reproduce your production as often as you like.

You may:  Synchronize the sound effects in multimedia presentations, like television programs, film, radio, commercials, games, CD ROMs, kiosks, videos, web sites, or other such multimedia applications that you create.

You may not: Reproduce the sound effects as is or derivatives of,  Mechanical Rights are not included.
You may not copy, distribute, sub-license, repackage, re-sell, give away, lend, rent, or lease the sound effects.
You may not copy the products to a network, electronic bulletin board or on-line service.
Use relating to tobacco, alcohol abuse, politics, military propaganda, extreme violence or sexually explicit material.

Licensed for (no additional fees):
synchronization in multimedia
feature film-large
feature film-small
dvd / vhs home video
commercial national
radio commercial national
radio commercial regional
radio internet
video game
retail product
multimedia cd-rom
cd mixed with fx, music & voice
educational usage
web site
public performance (seminars)

Additional License fee required for:
mechanical reproduction of file:
copy to a computer network: 

For an additional license please email:

Please include: 
-track name(s)
-six digit audio preview number(s)
-your product or production
-number of units
-broadcast zones.