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Middle East Collection Sounddogs

Middle East Collection from Rob Nokes Library
Unique background sound effects from Middle East

10 GB set with 100 mastered stereo interleaved sfx
wav format - 24bits 96 KHz - full metadata - Soundminer ready

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Introducing Middle East Collection , from the Rob Nokes Sound Library, with uniques sounds from this particular region. 

With 100 long background files, it offers more than 5 hours of ambiences from Istanbul, Riyadh, Jordan, including Mosque, Call to Prayer, Restaurant, Bar, Street, Beach, Market, Souk, Hospital, Bedouin Camp, Park, Metro Station.

All sound effects have been recorded in 2015 and have a distinct Middle East and Arabic flavor that represents the region.

Editors will have the chance to enhance any and all kind of production with these unique recordings from Middle East.

Middle East Collection Sounddogs

Middle East Collection Sounddogs

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