24-bit F18 Pack

Take Offs and Maneuvers

Files Included: 12. Size: 111 megabytes

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This product contains true 24-bit recordings; no sample rate conversion has been applied.

All files are 48 kHz, 24-bit broadcast WAV files, embedded with Soundminer metadata. The files are compressed/collected in a single .zip or .sit file for ease of download.

Please note: Typically these files are used only in professional settings.

Files included (18):

NOTE: Please download the .zip file for PCs, it contains WAV files. Apple Mac owners can also use the .zip file.

You will need WinZip to open the .zip file, and Stuffit Expander to open the .sit file. Both are free.

If you require any assistance, please email us at support@sounddogs.com