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24-bit Dog Packs from Sounddogs.com
Soccer Crowd Interior Reactions - Various cheers, claps, whistles and stomps in a 50,000 person stadium.

Files Included: 12 . Size: 87.2 mB
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Files included (12):
- Soccer, Int, Applause, Idle
- Soccer, Int, Boo, Appluase
- Soccer, Int, Boo, Harsh, Claps
- Soccer, Int, Chant, Clap, Whistle
- Soccer, Int, Hall, Chant
- Soccer, Int, Hall, Ole Ole
- Soccer, Int, Idle, Claps, Whistle
- Soccer, Int, React, Jeer, Swell
- Soccer, Int, React, Woo, Claps
- Soccer, Int, React, Woo, Whistle
- Soccer, Int, Reactions, x3
- Soccer, Int, Whistle, Roar, Hall POV

This product contains true 24-bit recordings; no sample rate conversion has been applied.

All files are 48 kHz, 24-bit broadcast WAV files, embedded with Soundminer metadata. The files are compressed/collected in a single .zip file for ease of download.

Please note: Typically these files are used only in professional settings.