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Pole Position Production

Volvo F12 Firetruck
Multi-Channel Recording

MP3 Preview

Onboard recording of a powerful Volvo F12 Firetruck, used at airports, with a diesel V6 and open exhausts to get some extra horse powers. The recording consists of two engine and two exhaust channels, and contains start, stop, idle, driving, siren and horn.

Channels included are:
Engine 1, Engine 2, Exhaust 1 & Exhaust 2

Duration: 7:29 minutes

Sound File Settings: 24bits / 48Khz
Sound File Format: WAV

Pole Position Production is a sound production company in Stockholm, Sweden. Their expertise include all kind of audio production and implementation, especially for computer games, and they are specialized in vehicles recordings and music production. But you will find their products and know how useful in many related business areas, such as movies and commercials. Pole Position Production has a unique technique and approach, recording vehicles on board and in action.

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