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Horror, Scary and Creepy Sound Effects

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Files Included: 104. Size: 105 mB

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Files included (104):

Abandoned Ghost Ship Ghost Pass By Monster Shriek
Beast,Human,Scream,Cave Ghost,Pass By,Roar Monster Steps,Walk,Mud
Beast,Human,Shriek,Cave Haunted Cauldron,Bubbles Monster Vocals
Beast,Human,Squeal,Cave Horor,Hit,Flesh,Hissy Monster,Breath,Deep
Bloody Flesh Hit Horror Stab,Flesh Moves,Bone Break Monster,Breath,Raspy
Bloody Flesh Tear Horror Stab,Flesh,Knife 1 Monster,Footsteps 1
Creature,Underwater,Groan Horror Stab,Flesh,Knife 2 Monster,Footsteps 2
Creature,Underwater,Howl Horror,Bone Break,Crack,Gore Monster,Growl,Grunt
Creepy Ambience 1 Horror,Bone Break,Crunch Monster,Growling,Ghosty
Creepy Ambience 2 Horror,Bone Breaks,Head Crunches Monster,Snake,Hiss
Creepy Ambience 3 Horror,Gore,Blood,Gush Rain,Heavy
Creepy Drone Horror,Gore,Blood,Squirt Scary Ambience,Swirling Moan
Creepy Drone 2 Horror,Gore,Blood,Squish Scary Giant Deep Growl
Creepy Drone,Evil Horror,Gore,Hit,Blood,Squish Scary Giant Growl,Short
Creepy Metal Gate,Rattle Horror,Gore,Impact,Slow Motion Scary Hollow Drone
Creepy Thunder Horror,Guillotine Chop Scary Moans Deep Depths
Creepy Thunder Claps Horror,Hit,Flesh,Squish Scream,Boy,Pain
Creepy Thunder,Crackle Horror,Slice,Flesh,Knife Scream,Female,Anguish,Pain
Creepy Thunder,Crash,Big Horror,Stab Scream,Horror,Female
Creepy Thunder,Rain Horror,Stab,Flesh Moves Scream,Horror,Female,Hopeless
Creepy Whooshes Magical Fire,Scary Scream,Horror,Group
Demon Float,Dark Whoosh Magical Fireball,Crash Scream,Male,Pain
Demon Float,Whoosh,Ominous Magical Shimmer Sinister DangeonAmbience,Chains,Groans
Eerie Ghostly Wind Magical Whoosh Sinister Dangeon Ambience,Suffer
Eerie Underwater Ambience Magical Witchcraft,Body In Mirror Spooky Door Creaks
Eerie Wind,Howl,Swell Magical Witchcraft,Creature Spooky Dungeon Door Creaks
Eerie Wind,Whistling,Horror Metal Chains,Moves,Jingle Spooky Metal Screech
Eerie Wood Floor Creaks 1 Metal Chains,Moves,Rattle 1 Spooky Old Door Creaks
Eerie Wood Floor Creaks 2 Metal Chains,Moves,Rattle 2 Spooky Old Door Creaks,Slow
Eerie,Metal,Screech Monster Growls Spooky Spirit Whispers
Eerie,Spooky Ambience 1 Monster Growls,Deep Spooky Steps,Wood
Eerie,Spooky Ambience 2 Monster Growls,Roars Spooky Vocal Swell
Eerie,Spooky Ambience 3 Monster Growls,Snarl Vampire Stab,Watery
Evil Drone,Deep 1 Monster Growls,Warning Vampire,Horror,Death
Evil Drone,Deep 2 Monster Grunts


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