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Welcome to Technology Page.
This Pages gives you information on how the site was created, links to case studies and publications, and additional information you would like to know.
The development force behind was developed by Brite Global, Inc. (formerly Westside Technologies, Inc.), a Microsoft Certified Partner based in Beverly Hills, CA. Brite Global, Inc. specializes in the development of N-Tier database applications for the Web and the Windows Platform. 

  • Systems Architecture and E-Strategy
  • Database Design and Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Middle Tier Components Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Enterprise Servers Installation and Deployment Infrastructure
The Web Application runs on 6 Servers. All Server are running on Internal Network, thus not allowing access to these Servers from the outside.
  • Domain Controller and Firewall Server (Dell Power Edge 2650). This Server runs Microsoft ISA Server.
  • Order Processing Server (Dell PowerEdge 2950) - Contains COM+ Order Processing Application as well as FTP and 300 GB (over 65,000) of Sound Files.
  • Web Server (Dell PowerEdge 1750). This machine runs the Web Application, and Holds all the COM+ Components to connect to the database.
  • Database Server (Dell PowerEdge 2950) - Running Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Holds the Sound Dogs Catalog and User Databases. Restricted Information is Encrypted in the database for security reasons.
  • Content Server (Max OS X - XServe and XRaid) - This machine is used for storage of raw data files. - An N-Tier Solution

The following illustration shows the different tiers of, and how they work together

Case Studies and Publications Windows DNA Case Study on the Microsoft Visual Basic Web Site Link on the Microsoft Business Site
Online Sound Effects Company Upgrades to Windows 2000 Web Solution Problem (E-Commerce) Link on the Microsoft Business Site

Products, Technologies and Partners

The following lists show the products and technologies used for the Web site application, and the business partners and suppliers that help us make the best SoundEffects Library out there.

Products and Technologies
•  Microsoft 2003 Servers 
•  Microsoft Windows 2003 Small Business Server 
•  Microsoft SQL Server 2005
•  Microsoft ISA Server 2004 
•  Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 
•  Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/2005
•  Microsoft COM+
•  Microsoft Windows Media
•  FMJ AWC++ Library
•  Sound Ideas, Inc. 
•  Rocket Network
• Microsoft Windows Media Partner Program
• Microsoft Developer's Network
•  Sonic Foundary Get Media Program
• Avid ProNet
•  Apple iMovie Sound Effects Provider

Web Site Development by Brite Global, Inc.

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